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Email Policy

Unacceptable e-mail use:

Interference forbids the use of company electronic communications resources for any purpose that could strain or compromise these resources.

The company also forbids electronic communications that interfere with the use of these resources by other employees.

Toward this end, company resources may not be used to:

• Perpetuate chain e-mail letters or their equivalents. This includes letters that require the recipient to forward an e-mail to a specified number of addresses in order to achieve some monetary, philosophical, political, superstitious, or other goal. E-mails that are part of a multilevel marketing or pyramid-selling scheme, sometimes known as Ponzi schemes, are illegal in many places and are specifically forbidden under this policy.

• Create and/or send spam. Spam is defined as any unsolicited electronic communication that is sent to any number of recipients who did not specifically request or express an interest in the material advertised in the communication. It will be considered a greater offense if the company's electronic communications resources are exploited to amplify the range of distribution of these communications.

• Send or encourage letter bombs. Letter bombs are extremely large or numerous e-mail messages that are intended to annoy, interfere, or deny e-mail use by one or more recipients.

• Practice an activity designed to deny the availability of electronic communications resources. Also called denial of service attacks, these activities deny or limit services through mail bombing, malicious executables such as viruses, threatening a virus, or opening a large number of mail connections to a mail host or SMTP relay without authorization or permission

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